IQ150NP (Meter Only) pH/mV/Temperature System


IQ150NP (Meter Only) pH/mV/Temperature System
Product #: IQ150NP



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This rugged pH meter is like having two pH meters in one! Now one affordable handheld pH meter lets you use both non-glass ISFET sensor pH probes and traditional glass pH electrodes. The general purpose stainless steel, non-glass ISFET pH probe is ideal for most applications. The durable silicon chip sensor eliminates problems associated with fragile glass bulb sensors. You can now choose a probe that best fits your pH testing needs.
Features include recognition of 7 buffers, 0.1 or 0.01 pH resolution, automatic or manual temperature compensation, and one-point or two- point calibration. The meter is armored in a water-resistant rubber holster and is engineered to withstand a 6-8 foot drop onto concrete without damage. From the beginner to the demanding professional researcher, the IQ150 ISFET pH meter offers precision with ease of use. (Meter Only)

  • Excellent for field work, food testing, soil testing, industrial applications and educational use
  • "Dual technology" ISFET pH meter
  • Probe stores dry and needs no maintenance
  • Durable ISFET silicon chip sensor
  • Ultra-rugged pH meter

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