Manifold, Filter Funnel, Aluminum

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A unique microbiology manifold that allows you to optimize testing without sacrificing cleanliness

Feature 3-place filtration with independent vacuum control. Handles 25 or 47 mm filter funnels for processing multiple samples simultaneously. Designed for efficient analysis of microbiological or particulate contamination. Aluminum: Anodized aluminum body; chrome-plated brass valves; stainless steel drain plugs. Autoclavable. Dimensions (D x W x H) - 6 x 16 x 6.25" Polyurethane: High-impact polyurethane body; glass-filled polypropylene valves; nylon drain plugs. Dimensions (D x W x H) - 4 x 11 x 6"

  • With interchangeable components and coupling devices, the manifold takes direction from you.