Hardness (Total & Calcium) Test Kit, Model HAC-DT

Hardness (Total & Calcium) Test Kit, Model HAC-DT
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Hach Digital Titrator offers higher levels of precision and accuracy than drop count procedures, with reproducibility comparable to a buret titration

Rugged titration device is ideal for field use, with no glass burets required

What's in the box?

Includes 6 reagents, digital titrator, delivery tubes, graduated cylinder, flask, manual and carrying case.


Case Style: F
Method Name: Digital Titrator/EDTA
Model: HAC-DT
Number of tests: 100 Ca
+100 T
Parameter: Hardness, Total & Calcium - as CaCO3
Platform : Digital Titrator
Range: 10 - 4,000 mg/L CaCO3
Ship Wt. (lbs): 4
Smallest Increment: 0.1-10