ToxTrak™ Toxicity Reagent Set, 25-49 tests

ToxTrak™ Toxicity Reagent Set, 25-49 tests
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The ToxTrak™ reagents peform toxicity screens on drinking water, wastewater and natural water.

Toxicity is compared to a baseline using indigenous biomass or stock bacteria cultures with a range of 0 -100% inhibition.

A colorimetric method is used to determine the toxicity of samples, with analysis done using one of the Hach's trusted spectrophotometers.

What's in the box?

The ToxTrak™ Toxicity Reagent Set includes: Total Bacteria Count media set (15 TBC tubes, 15 individually wrapped sterile pipets), ToxTrak™ powder pillows (pk/50), ToxTrak™ accelerator solution (15mL), disposable culture tubes (5 packs; each pk/6), sterile transfer pipets (pk/15) and sodium thiosulfate standard (100 mL, 0.0246N).


Description : Toxicity Reagent set 25-49 tests
Instrument: All except DR/3000, DR/820, PC II
Method: 10017
Number of tests: 25 - 49
Parameter: Toxicity
Range: 0 - 100 % Inhibition