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SC200 Universal Controller: 100-240 V AC with 2 cord grips, one analog flow sensor input, one analog pH/ORP/DO sensor input, and five 4-20mA outputs

Product #: LXV404.99.19312
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One Controller for the Broadest Range of Sensors

The SC200 Universal Controller operates (1) Ultrasonic Flow Sensor, (1) pH Sensor, (1) DO Sensor and is designed to give highly accurate flow/depth, pH and DO measurements for your open channel flow monitoring applications. From the easy-to-read display to reliable data management with SD card data transfer, the flow system provides an economical choice for flow monitoring. The flow system can be used for a variety of applications including NPDES permitting requirements and the monitoring of storm water, inlet flow, final effluent and activated sludge. It replaces the Hach GLI53 analog controller with advanced features for easier operator use.

The SC200 controller platform can be configured to operate either 2 Digital Sensor Inputs, or 1 or 2 Analog Sensor Inputs, or a combination of Digital and Analog Sensor Inputs. Sensor sold separately.

  • Maximum Versatility
  • Ease of Use and Confidence in Results
  • One Controller, Numerous Communication Options
  • Use with Maintenance Free Flow Sensor