Solitax inline sc Turbidity and Suspended Solids Insertion Probe with Wiper, including a SC200 Controller, Stainless Steel

Product #: 2983700
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Accurate color-independent suspended solids and turbidity measurements.

The Solitax sc Suspended Solids and Turbidity Analyzer includes a SC200 controller, stainless steel inline sc Solids and Turbidity Sensor (0.001 mg/L to 50 g/L, 0.001 to 4000 NTU) with wiper, and insertion mounting kit. It measures turbidity and suspended solids in drinking water, wastewater, and industrial process applications, providing accurate, color-independent results. Power cords must be ordered separately.

  • Accurate, Color-independent Measurement
  • Self-cleaning Wiper Prevents Erroneous Values
  • Excellent correlation to laboratory analysis
  • Easy One-point Calibration
  • Improve overall efficiency of the plant